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Training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week:

Session 1 - 5pm - 6pm

Session 2 - 6pm - 7pm

Session 3 - 7pm - 8pm

Training consists of:



Individual Events

Fun Relays



Please bring a drink to every training session as you will ned to keep hydrated.

Please wear clothing suitable for the weather -

it is always wise to bring additional layers

even on warm days to keep your muscles warm.

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Folkestone Junior Athletics Club aims to give all children who attend an experience of all of the different athletic events.  We teach them how to train properly from the very first session they join, we cover safely warming-up & cooling-down, how to carry out techniques correctly and sporting etiquette..

When children join they may have an idea of a particular event that they would like to participate in for example sprinting but, with they availability to try other events they can come across strengths in other events such as throws or another area of the same discipline such as hurdles.  We know how important it is to give children the diversity to explore their interests and so we make sure we cover all events regularly.

As the athletes grow and improve they will progress to the older specialist training groups under our club coaches to improve on individual events.

In addition to competition results we also regularly measure the children's attempts and add these to their PBs..

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